You can count on our team to be with you every step of the way in building your dream home. We go through a detailed process to make sure you feel comfortable with your plan before we begin construction. 

Meet your builder

We begin by setting up an initial meeting with the builder. At this stage in the process, we want to hear what you are looking for in your dream home and in the builder who will bring those dreams to life. We want to make sure that we are the right builder for your project. We will also find out what information still needs to be gathered. Some of the questions we normally ask include: Do you already own property that you want to build on? Are you currently working with an architect or designer on a floor plan? What is your budget? When do you want to begin building? As a purely custom home builder, we do not have a standard price per square foot. Each home is completely unique and is priced according to your selections and floor plan. If you need assistance getting any of these questions answered, our experienced team is more than happy to guide you through the process of gathering the necessary information. 

Land Evaluation

After we have met with you and understand what you are expecting in your new home, the builder does a land evaluation of the home site to determine the condition. We can also help you determine the best location on your property to place your new home. 


From there we set up a professional design agreement to develop your house plans. We work with you and an architect to finalize the design and make sure it fits your specifications. We will also offer suggestions that will make your home energy efficient and customized to support to your family's lifestyle. We know that it can be a daunting task to find the right architect, so we can happily refer you to one of our trusted experts. 

Summary of estimated building cost

After gathering all of the information we need, we present you with a bid which will give you a summary of the estimated building cost. Upon reviewing and approving our bid, the fun part begins. We will provide a schedule for your project's estimated timeline and begin construction. 


During construction, your builder is at your project daily to ensure that quality and time expectations are being met. You will meet with our team several times throughout the process to go over the progress and finalize selections. You will have the opportunity to meet with several of our trades to customize your home, just the way you want it. You will meet with our trim carpenter to custom design your kitchen, built-ins, additional cabinetry and closets. You will also have the opportunity to meet with our electrician to select lighting locations in your home as well as additional features you want to include. Lastly, you will meet with our painter to go over colors and finishes throughout your home. When your house is completed, you will do a final inspection and walk-through with your builder to make sure everything meets the quality of craftsmanship expected. 

This can be a very memorable experience and our team works diligently to communicate effectively and keep you informed. You are encouraged to ask questions at any time and walk through the project with your builder. 


You can rest assured that your home will be taken care of even after the building process is complete. Willmark warranties each home we build which includes a 10-year structural warranty in the contract.