The Modern Farmhouse

What You Should Incorporate In Your New Home

1.      Shiplap – Momma Jo and Papa Chip set this trend on fire 5 years ago when Fixer Upper debuted. We love it! It instantly adds character to any room and is an essential piece of farmhouse design. Great places to add shiplap include accent walls (think bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms) and ceilings. Go light white for a brightening effect, stained for a rustic feel or even black for a more modern approach. Shiplap does add costs with labor, extra priming so that wood knots don’t bleed through the paint and increased material costs over sheetrock, so if you want to add character on a budget, we suggest choosing key rooms to feature shiplap.

2.      Industrial Lighting – This is where we think you can go a little out of the box. Lighting can be pricey but it is also one of the easiest things to change down the road if your style changes. There are tons of affordable lighting options that look great and can dress up any room.

3.      Brick Accents – Brick accents are probably one of my current favorite trends. Old Chicago style or smeared looks are very popular right now and can make a new home look instantly timeless. Whether it is a fireplace, brick skirt or accent wall, this is a big yes in my book!

4.      Neutral Paint Colors – You can never go wrong with soft grays, tan and white paint. It makes it easy to add color in decor and furniture.  We love Sherwin Williams range of colors and quality of paint. Some of our favorite farmhouse colors are Repose Gray, Greek Villa, Alabaster, Pure White, Analytical Gray, Extra White, Dorian Gray and Wool Skein.

5. Subway Tile - Subway tile is very popular with our customers. We love the clean look it adds to a bathroom as well as the neutral vibe it gives to a kitchen. It is a timeless style that is available in a multitude of different colors and materials. 

In conclusion, adding any or all of these features to your home is a great way to add farmhouse style without getting too trendy. Sticking with neutral tones and adding pops of color or fun accents in key places can create a space that is uniquely yours. 

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