Fixer Upper - Our Love/Hate Relationship

Don’t worry, it’s mostly a love relationship! What’s not to love about Joanna Gaines’ ability to turn a dilapidated old house into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind space? And we can’t get enough of Chip’s fun-loving personality that makes Demo day seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are both insanely talented and we can’t wait to see Joanna’s new designs every week. However, what you see on the show is not always as attainable for regular projects as we wish it was.

What We Want You to Know

We are as shiplap obsessed as many of our customers that come in to build with us. We love the added character it gives to a home. Whether it is painted, stained, or left natural, it is one of our favorite trends. However, adding shiplap to your home does add significant costs as opposed to standard sheetrock. Not only is the cost of materials greater, but it also can add substantial labor costs to a project.

In addition, they don’t usually remodel every room in the house. If you are looking to do your own fixer upper, consider the costs of having to paint, redo flooring, rewire electric, and whatever other repairs need to be made to every room in the house that you are wanting to work on. The estimated project costs you see on the show, only include the specific rooms you see at the end.

Furthermore, finding a steal on a house that leaves you with a healthy renovation budget is hard. For a lot of our clients, building new is an easier and more affordable way to get the home you want. Taking on a fixer upper is a lot of fun but it can also present major obstacles and financial burden. Before purchasing a home to renovate, make sure you have had the foundation, electrical, plumbing, a/c and other major ticket items thoroughly checked so you know what kind of financial investments you are going to have to put into the home. Even if you have had everything checked and it looks like it is running correctly, dealing with older homes can present many challenges during the remodeling process.  

What We Love

We love Joanna’s fresh approach to design. She is a brilliant designer and we love the unique look her projects always have. As a custom home builder and remodeler, we are all about putting in untypical selections like you see on the show. We want your home to be uniquely yours. Our clients are more than welcome to bring in inspiration photos and we will gladly build it for them.

We also love that they aim to make each project as smooth and fun for the homeowner as possible. At Willmark Homes, we stress customer service above all else. We want your experience with us to be exciting and as stress-free as possible. We are not doing our job right if we do not have complete customer satisfaction. We promise to provide the best quality and service possible on each and every project.

Lastly, what we love most is that they breathe new life into old homes. As we stated earlier, there are many challenges that come with remodeling but older homes also have a lot of character that we don’t see as much in new construction. Our Willmark office is one of our favorite renovations yet. Original woodwork, crown molding and built-ins are unique features that we love in our little fixer upper. We love the charm that older homes often times have. It is so much fun to see one restored to it's former glory and updated to accommodate the needs of our homeowners.

We told you it's mostly a love relationship! We would love to work with you on your next fixer upper project. 

We are currently accepting remodels, renovations and addition projects. If you are looking to remodel your home, give us a call at 979-865-8977 or stop by the office to see our work in person.  

Our office location before.

Our office location before.

Our office after. 

Our office after.